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A clean car is not just a presentable appearance and the key to success. It is also a means of saving, because in a soiled car color top breaks down quickly,especially in the winter period, as a result, you need to invest in your car service. Clean, bright and shiny car is more visible to other road users, and it positively affects your and the safety of others.

Indafa - is a community of several firms that specialize in car wash services. We have teamed up to give the opportunity to use our services at a high level at a reasonable price, also to improve our quality of service and sometimes to make for you happy discounts.


Please warn up carwash workers about loose mirrors and other parts that can be damaged by high-pressure washing device activity. This also applied to places where bad cling color, such as parts that have been recently painted.

Otherwise, the company is not responsible for the demages that caused in washing process.

If you have any complaints about the quality of service provided, please refer to the car wash worker immediately.


The company bears no responsibility about leaved car keys to car wash workers.

Car engine washing event workers employees only for the quality of their work. The company is not responsible if the water was get in unexpected places, as well as other damage that may arise washing.